The Firm

The law firm arises in 2013 as the result of the merger of an experienced group of lawyers specialized in counseling and representing national and foreign companies in arbitration proceedings, as well as in judicial, administrative and constitutional high-profile disputes in Mexico’s main cities, providing them unique legal services and of excellent quality.

Our services approach, based on a maximum dedication premise and a high degree of specialization, allows us to offer simple, practical and innovative solutions to the complex legal challenges of our clients, not only from the legal standpoint, but also from a business perspective, with a human touch.

Our team stands out for its agility, experience and in-depth knowledge in the treatment of our clients’ legal issues, keeping an active role in national and international associations within their legal practices, which allows us to offer innovative and sophisticated solutions, guaranteeing the appropriate implementation of our up-to-date strategies in the face of our country’s continuous changes and the newest global markets trends.

The added value of the firm lies in knowing our clients integrally, in order to represent and defend them in an agile, sophisticated and successful manner.