The in-depth knowledge and experience of our team allows us to find the right solution to each one of our clients’ needs. .



In Mañón Quintana we have more than ten years of experience advising companies in the automotive sector, both in the prevention of risks within their most relevant operations, as well as in the specialized attention of their critical litigation in Mexico.

Our team has a profound knowledge of the industry, its activities and its evolution, particularly in relation to new technologies and trends, which has allowed us to propose innovative and practical solutions in strategic operations that generated an impact for the whole sector.

Within our daily practice, we advise our clients in the automotive sector in matters of collective actions, constitutional litigation, commercial and administrative litigation, as well as in matters of consumer protection, including information requirements and product recalls, proposing integral strategies for the agile solution of conflicts.

The constant interaction of our team with the industry, as well as the personalized attention and immediate response of our members, have allowed us to position ourselves as one of the most specialized and sophisticated firms in litigation matters within the automotive sector.


Mañón Quintana's team has more than ten years of experience advising financial institutions through the review and modification of credit, factoring, derivative and restructuring contracts, with the objective of preventing future contingencies and ensuring the right of said institutions to effectively recover the amounts involved in the operations they will carry out with their clients.

Likewise, the firm has successfully represented in court the interests of different credit institutions in the recovery of business loans and in those procedures in which the contractual and extra-contractual liability of the financial institution is claimed, either as a Bank or as a Fiduciary.

As part of our experience we have advised and represented holders of various issues of stock certificates, through the financial institutions that act as common representatives, in the collection of their rights, even within bankruptcy proceedings.

As a result of the firm's participation in various jurisdictional proceedings, we have been able to issue jurisprudential criteria favorable to the banking sector, which allows for greater certainty and legal security when executing its various operations.


Mañón Quintana's team has more than ten years of experience advising some of the largest insurance and reinsurance institutions in the country.

During this time, the firm's practice has focused on the defense of insurance and reinsurance institutions in jurisdictional procedures followed against them, related to the compliance and interpretation of insurance and reinsurance contracts entered into with their insured, beneficiaries and/or reinsured, mainly in the areas of damages, medical expenses, life, maritime, civil liability and moral damages.

Derived from the participation of the firm in such jurisdictional procedures, it has been possible to issue jurisprudential criteria favorable to the insurance and reinsurance sector, thus providing greater certainty and legal security to insurance and reinsurance institutions in the performance of their activities in the country.

Likewise, we have collaborated with the insurance and reinsurance institutions in the drafting of clauses of several products commercialized in the country, from a legal contingency prevention point of view.